Private missions fulfillment

Find in archival institutions

(Recover lost and searching documents on education, residence, nationality, family relationships, archives of the KGB, MVD, NKVD and other repressive bodies of the former Soviet Union)

Our lawyers and attorneys perform orders search and obtain the necessary documents in Ukraine archival institutions, institutional and private funds. We will help you exercise your right of access to the usual archival information and access to information from the repressive bodies archives of the former Soviet Union. (Cheka, MVD, MGB, KGB, NKVD, OGPU, "SMERSH" so-called "two" and "three").

If necessary, we will get you the required documents from the Archives Fund of Ukraine: birth certificate (metric), diplomas, certificates of marriage or divorce documents on the acquisition or loss of citizenship. Depending on the needs we find evidence of residence in Ukraine you or your loved ones, documents confirming education, ethnicity or relationship.

For our help you recover lost or search for documents on the acquisition or realization of ownership of vehicles, land, real estate or other property (documents on privatization, contracts of sale, lease, exchange, and certificate of permanent use).

If you or your relatives were victims of political repressions and other and want to restore the good name and crave rehabilitation, we will find the necessary documents in archives and implement appropriate processes.

In the case where you have lost touch with relatives and Ukraine, we help you find friends and relatives, proof of their destiny, and if they find a place of death and burial Seek descendants and heirs.

We are ready to take orders for search and receive documents in public and private archives including:

  • The central and local government archives
  • Industry archives
  • Archives of repressive totalitarian communist regime 1917 - 1991 years (the Cheka, MVD, MGB, KGB, NKVD, OGPU, "SMERSH", so-called “two” and “three” and other repressive bodies of the former USSR)
  • Central Historical Archives of Ukraine (m. Kyiv, m. Lviv)
  • Archival funds registrar, registry offices
  • Other