Private missions fulfillment

Private missions fulfillment

If you are unable to come to a place or you need to conduct any negotiations, meetings, and you are unable or no desire to do things personally - we will do it as your lawyer.

We will negotiate with creditors, debtors, victims and injured settle all conflict issues and save you from bad communication and unnecessary trips during the divorce, termination of business relationships, division of property, presenting or receiving claims and complaints.

Without advertising your identity and interest, we gather information, please check whether it will redeem debt or other object of your interest, check veracity of the information you provided, initiate and carry out measures necessary for you or processes.

If you need to conduct any negotiations, meetings, however, you are unable to, or desire - we will do it as your lawyer.

We will take to fulfill any orders that you transfer deems appropriate to implement for any reasons or motives.

Among other things, on your behalf, our lawyers and lawyers:

  • Carry out pre-trial settlement of a dispute or a dispute settlement agreement will cease;
  • Agree terms contracts or their modification or cancellation and termination;
  • Settle disputes in family matters, termination of marriage, division of property, guardianship and custody, obtaining parental consent to leave the child abroad, determination of residence of the child and giving her time dating or common areas;
  • Hold a meeting of members, shareholders, public organization or take part in them as your representative;
  • To agree on the definition of use or order the division of joint assets, property or business;
  • Resolve disputes when receiving complaints or vice versa will make consumer protection in the field of trade and consumer services;
  • Take the burden of communication to reach agreement with crimes committed administrative offense or damage to life, health and property of the victim.

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