Private missions fulfillment

International Companies Administration

Classical offshore jurisdictions (Panama, Belize, Nevis, etc.), mid-shore and respectable jurisdictions of the EU (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, San Marino), UAE, Canada.

We will advise you in the field of international tax planning, asset protection, condition planning and transfer to their heirs.

Considering the lists of offshore zones, transfer pricing, we will help importers and exporters to optimally determine the country with a minimum or zero taxation for the accumulation of profits.

For Internet-business, we will determine the optimal country, taking into account the legislative regulation of e-commerce, the use of crypto currencies, and the availability of payment acceptance organization (acquiring, merchant accounts).

We will provide comprehensive information to copyright and intellectual property owners on the jurisdiction for the most effective, high-quality protection of such rights and minimum taxation of income from them.

We will help investors to determine the optimal country for the accumulation of profits and investments, as well as take into account the specifics of the legislation of the country of investment, provisions and agreements for the elimination of double taxation.

Owners of real estate, yachts and aircraft, we will show the advantages of certain countries, given the simplicity and reliability of registration, the absence or minimization of taxation in the acquisition, alienation and inheritance of such property, as well as revenues from its use (rent, freight, transport activities).

We pay great attention to protecting confidential information in the jurisdictions recommended by us, as well as the possibility of using specific forms of its enhancement: trusts, management companies, private funds.

Opening new and acquisition of existing companies in classical offshore jurisdictions. (Panama, Belize, Nevis, etc.) Mid-shores in respectable EU countries and Canada.

Organization and provision of business, public, representative, charitable and other activities abroad (legal, accounting and administrative services, secretary and virtual office services, etc.).

Rent of foreign companies and services of agency companies.

Opening of all types of accounts in foreign banks (current, card, deposit merchant, acquiring, etc.).

Registration of rights to reside abroad on the entrepreneurial activities basis.

  • Establish new and purchase of existing companies in the EU and Canada.
  • Organization and support entrepreneurial, social, participatory, charitable and other activities abroad (legal, accounting and administrative services, secretarial services, and virtual office, etc.).
  • Foreign companies rental services and agent companies services.
  • All types of accounts opening in the foreign banks (current, card, deposit, merchant, acquiring, etc.).
  • Residence abroad registration based of business activity.