Legal support for business

Business and start-ups legal support

We provide you with legal support in the development and implementation of new and existing business projects. Help you to understand the organizational forms of business structures and their taxation. Advise you about import and export operations, exchange controls and investment.

We advise you and provide comprehensive legal support on all matters related to the conduct of business entities, individual businessmen and persons conducting independent professional activity:

  • Participation in the business projects development, choosing the optimal form of business and taxation, registration, sole proprietors and individuals engaged in independent professional activity.
  • Companies or business groups reorganization.
  • Debt restructuring.
  • Registration with the tax (fiscal) and other government bodies.
  • Bank or corporate accounts opening, salary projects. Acquiring, Internet acquiring.
  • Tax planning, selection (change) of the tax system.
  • Change reporting and tax system to the simplified or general.
  • Registration and deregistration payers of value added tax (VAT).
  • Registration methods of settlement operations (PPO, cash registers).
  • Asking for tax advice and explanations.
  • Legal assistance during inspections and providing objections to acts of inspections.
  • Appeals against decisions of tax (fiscal) bodies administratively and judicially (tax notices - making tax requirements, etc.).
  • Accounting services, tax reporting, accounting documents, their presentation and representation in government (state) bodies.
  • Getting negotiation documents and permits in state and local government (permits, licenses, patents, certificates, etc.).
  • Development work rules, job descriptions and other internal documents.
  • The organized set of workers, registration of employees in the tax (fiscal) authorities.
  • Outsourcing and outstaffing.
  • Occupational protection.
  • Analysis and drafting contracts.
  • Participation in negotiations during the conclusion, work with claims and dispute resolution during of contracts execution.
  • Credit relationship, debt restructuring.
  • Courting Rights: debt collection, to compel the obligation in kind, to remove obstacles in the implementation of the rights owner user (tenant).
  • Bankruptcy cases.