Legal support for business

IT, Internet

Carrying out practice in the field of cyber-law and the Internet, our position is effectively solving existing problems, despite the absence of legislation, backwardness and bias of state bodies. We take part in discussions, provide consultations and protect the rights in the field of cyber law, crypto currency, delegation and cancellation of domain names, FinTech, IOT.

We have practical experience of legal support in the field of e-commerce: registration of a company or an entrepreneur, taxation system selection, domain registration and patenting design, registration of a trademark, development of settlement schemes (internet acquiring, bank cards, crypto currency, electronic money PayPal, WebManey Etc.), opening banks accounts, including foreign ones.

If necessary, we will prove the compliance of your activity with the articles of the Law of Ukraine "On electronic commerce" in particular and the current legislation in general. We will figure out whether you really need to obtain licenses or permits, and also use the registrar of settlement transactions (cash register) in the trade (provision of services) in the INTERNET network.

Our patent attorneys will carry out registration of trademark and copyrights; will receive a patent for design, for invention and utility model, and lawyers will protect these rights in court.

We have experience in conducting business in the domain of registration, delegation and cancellation of domain names. We will provide you with exhaustive information on the legal regulation of these issues; we will show ways to solve problems related to gaps in legislation and abuse of state authorities in this area.

We advise our clients in the field of business organization of technology projects, as well as the creation of innovative products, computer design, internal technologies, etc. Given the rapid development of this industry and the lack of proper legal regulation and the apparent unwillingness and ability of the fiscal authorities to perceive new technologies, New FinTech, IOT business, we are ready to be in, understand the essence of the problem and find the optimal legal solution.

Taking into account the experience of practice in this area, we can help our customers:

  1. Correctly choose the form of business in Internet;
  2. Register their activities;
  3. Correctly conclude the contracts;
  4. Properly maintain accounting records, prepare tax reports;
  5. Obtain necessary licenses, permits and clarifications;
  6. Receive, register and protect your copyrights and intellectual property;
  7. Choose the necessary jurisdiction (country) to open their own company, opening a bank account, registering copyrights and tax optimization.
  8. We will provide administration and legal support.
  9. Take the protection of rights in court.