Private missions fulfillment


We act as a neutral intermediary between the parties to the dispute and will contribute to achieving mutually beneficial results between them.

We will reach an agreement between the parties to the dispute based on the principles of reasonableness and vital interests, not legal positions.

We act as a dispute resolution mediator during:

  • conclusion, execution and termination of contracts;
  • contradictions with contractors, clients and consumers;
  • inside corporate conflicts;
  • implementation the rights of a shareholder (participant) commercial enterprises, settlement of differences between the partners, adjustment of common positions;
  • sales contract agreements, acceptance inherited shares and other corporate rights;
  • preparation and holding the general meeting of businesses and public organizations;
  • preparation and holding the meeting of company employees and its owner;
  • conflicts involving public authorities, local governments, public organizations;
  • public hearings;
  • tax mediation;