Legal support for business

Tax practice

We maximize your combine business interests and legislation, so develop a fundamentally new policy of the enterprise in the field of taxation.

From the point of view of taxation, we will help you choose the optimal form of doing business: establish an enterprise, carry out activities as an individual entrepreneur or conduct independent professional activity.

We will help you determine the optimal procedure for paying dividends, royalties and interest, remuneration (fees) under civil law contracts, and we will advise you as for optimization of labor costs (labor contracts).

Considering the tax consequences, our lawyers will help you to plan agreements; divide and transfer (inherit) businesses.

We not only advise you on the taxation of your activities, the use of registers of settlement transactions (cash registers), trade patents, obtaining permits and reconciliation documents, but also compile and submit accounting documents, tax reports, in fiscal and other state bodies , We will receive documents of a permissive and conciliation nature.

We will provide answers to all questions, contradictions agree with the tax (fiscal) authorities, and if necessary, prove your rightness in court.

Among other things we will help you:

  1. Proper use of the law to apply tax legislation.
  2. Eliminate the double taxation of income.
  3. Improve the model of your business in order to optimize taxation, official profit and payment of dividends.
  4. Get the necessary tax advice and clarification from the State bodies.
  5. Prepare, submit and present answers to requests to objections the acts of inspections, answer to any claims from the tax and other regulatory authorities.
  6. Defend your interests during fiscal authority’s inspections.
  7. Appeal fiscal inspection results administratively and judicially.