Private missions fulfillment

Family Office

The format to meet all family needs: lawyer, investment and insurance companies, banks, financial and tax advisors.

We will create a permanent legal family services, planning for continuity of family wealth, optimize taxes and served up a tax return, draw up and submit documents to state authorities, obtain permits.

We also solve current family’s needs in financial Ambassador - will select the best investment, insurance, banking or any other product.

If you need to conduct any - negotiations, meetings, but, you are unable to do so - we will do it as your lawyer.

We do not provide services as a realtor, financial, investment or insurance broker for investment banks, insurance companies and other financial bodies and we do not receive commissions from them.

We provide search for services or providers, monitors the quality and integrity, based only from the perspective of your needs and interests as a both - consumers and our client.

Within the Family Office You set the priority activities assignments and outline the necessary range of services, including:

  • Premarital and marriage contracts;
  • Regulation of cohabitation without marriage;
  • The division of joint property of spouses and family members;
  • Divorce, division of property, determination of children residence and their support;
  • Acquisition and sale of land rights, real estate, securities, yachts, cars, antiques and other valuable items;
  • Investment in residential facilities;
  • Family savings, retirement savings and investment;
  • Business activities and independent professional activity;
  • Protection of wealth, inheritance planning family property, drawing up the covenant;
  • Keeping the family accounting, preparation of consolidated accounting;
  • Tax planning and important sales transaction planning;
  • Compilation, submission and tax report presentation to the fiscal authorities;
  • Family member’s interests representing in judicial, law and other governmental authorities;
  • Extra-judicial settlement of disputes, conflicts both with third parties and in the same family;
  • Selection of appropriate banking, insurance programs and services;
  • Implementation of individual orders, etc;