Private missions fulfillment

Non-Residents Service and Ukrainian diaspora worldwide

Non-residents and the Ukrainian diaspora, we offer both classical legal services and assistance in solving any life problems that you consider necessary to entrust to us as your representative or lawyer.

In your personal interests or the interests of your family, we will carry out private assignments, carry out an archival search for documents, people and companies. We will check the reliability of the information, and, if necessary, we will carry out its search and dissemination.

We will provide legal and tax advice on the acquisition of land and real estate, investing and doing business in Ukraine, as well as repatriating the received income (dividends).

Our lawyers will represent you in the state and local authorities and administration, get the necessary permits and approvals, and, if necessary, protect your rights in court.

To the Ukrainian community outside Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora, we offer services for obtaining the status of a foreign Ukrainian, whose owner, together with his family, can work in Ukraine without any permits on a par with citizens of Ukraine. In addition, they are granted the right to receive non-repayable long-term visas without an invitation, and permission to emigrate is issued outside the limits of the relevant quotas. For the foreign Ukrainian, his wife and children, quotas for admission to higher educational institutions of Ukraine are established annually within the limits of the volumes of the state order.

With the opening of the archives of the repressive organs of the times of the former USSR, new opportunities appeared to restore the ties of the Ukrainian Diaspora with relatives, the possibilities for determining the fate of servicemen, police, wounded, missing, convicted and repressed were significantly increased. If this has not bypassed your family, we will carry out archival search of documents about the fate of your relatives and friends, establish the places of their burial, find descendants and heirs.

If you are outside Ukraine and want to join in its development and protection, join economic or political processes, sponsor, take part or create a charitable or other project - contact us. We will help you organize your business properly, select contractors and performers, monitor their work and fulfill any of your tasks.