Juridical and court practice

Banks, insurance, collector companies

Prove the feasibility of your position to opponent - bank, insurance company or debt Collection Companies, make judicial protection of your rights, will buy your debt.

We are in the practice of counseling and representing clients in disputes with banks, insurance and debt collection companies.

We will investigate your issue and choose a way to solve it. Represent you during negotiations; prove your feasibility position to your opponent - bank, insurance or debt Collection Company. We also help you resolve the issue or redemption of debt restructuring, the return of the deposit, will help publicize in the media the illegal actions of financial institutions and will submit a complaint to the police or court.

We do not provide services realtor, financial, investment or insurance broker or investment banks and other financial companies and receive no commissions from them. We look for such services and their suppliers, monitors the quality and integrity only from the perspective of your needs and interests of both consumers and our customers.

We advise you on the necessary banking products, insurance or leasing companies.

We will conduct legal examination of contracts, provided you, confirm, or refute the alleged financial institution, conditions and legal consequences. Help to understand whether the loan "interest-free" and the insurance contract do not contains the terms of the franchise.

If you had no chance to repay the loan, cannot get back deposit or insurance payment, we will speak from your side during the talks with the bank, insurance, leasing or other financial company, and in case of disagreement prepare and submit appropriate lawsuit.

If your dispute with a financial institution is considered in court, our lawyers will take the case and achieve maximum results. In the event of bankruptcy of a financial institution, we will present your interests during the negotiation or consideration of litigation with the Deposit Guarantee Fund (hereinafter — “DGF”) and the Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU).

We advise you as for your rights, during the implementation of collateral (mortgage) or assignment debt Collection Company, and in case of violation - protect your rights in court.