Legal support for business

Freelance and startup

We provide legal support to individuals who initiate independent individual activity, new business initiatives and projects.

Based on our experience in this field, we provide you with the necessary legal support, run and realize your business idea with you.

If you are a freelancer, or you want to test the business idea or establish a small business project - a startup, and you want to focus on your project, instead of bureaucratic communication with the public and government authorities, we are ready to assist you in these matters.

We will not just your advisor or human rights activist; we become a reliable partner that will assume the burden of routine, administrative risks and possible problems. We will prepare your project with necessary legal platform, also we will provide the required permits and documents, execute all arrangements, and take over the administrative costs and risks. At the same time we will develop this form of cooperation with you, which will not be contrary to law, protect your copyright and interests, ensure that your idea starts, implemented and develop from the beginning, till finding investors to corporatization.

  • Determining the optimal jurisdiction as a place of business and taxation;
  • Registration of contractual relations with customers and contractors, suppliers and consumers;
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property (computer programs, trademarks, databases, etc.);
  • Companies and individual entrepreneur’s registration in Ukraine and abroad, lease companies and agency services;
  • Domain names registration;
  • Accounts opening and payments advices;
  • Maintenance of companies accounting and individual entrepreneurs in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Advice on taxation in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Judicial and court rights protection.