Juridical and court practice

New construction investing

Unfortunately, we have to state – investor the most vulnerable members of the legal relations. Typically, information provided to them dosage or distorted for only one purpose – to get their money.

We can help you find out the essence of the proposal, unvarnished explain the difference between the purchase of any object form of investment in its construction. Show your real rights and obligations of the developer and intermediaries (brokers), not their advertising slogans, estimate costs and prospects in case of a dispute.

The overwhelming majority of investors actually consider themselves as a buyer, and as a result of which, they do not realize all the risks of investing. Under such conditions, investors' wrong assessment of their rights occurs and expectations about the possibility of their judicial protection are exceeded. Because of incorrect assessment of the state responsibility for the actions of the developer, investors' hopes are groundlessly exaggerated. Uncertainty and complications in these relations are due to the lack of a proper system for registering investors' objects rights. The actual prohibition by the legislation of direct contractual investment complicated not only the understanding of the relations in this sphere, but also caused the ambiguous judicial practice.

Our lawyers and attorney will help you correctly understand the essence of legal relations for the purchase and sale of interest-free (target) bonds, as well as understand the funds for the financing of construction and funds for real estate transactions, joint investment institutions and non-state pension funds.

We will help you find out the essence of the proposal, without embellishment explains the difference between buying an object from any form of investment in its construction. Let's show your real rights as an investor, the obligations of the builder and broker (brokers), and not their advertising speeches. We will show you the real opportunities for your rights protection, wording of claims and assess the judicial prospects in case of a dispute.

We have a real practical experience in developing plans and implementing projects related to bankruptcy or fraud of developers and the completion of construction by investors.

If necessary, we use our knowledge and practical experience, helping you at any stage of investing from the very idea to registering and realizing the rights of the owner of the new facility.